Simulation titles like The Sims, Warcraft, Civilization

Play Real Time Strategy, RPG and Simulation Games In True 3D

Imagine stepping into your favorite game….actually climbing into the monitor, so you’re not watching the action, you’re surrounded by it!

Forget about sitting behind a 2D monitor and playing with your keyboard and mouse. X-Force3D™ is your plane ticket to fly inside your monitor to become part of the game. Your favorite RTS/RPG and Simulation games become a reality as your monitor is transformed into a holographic window, with no separation between you and the action.

Explore online worlds in breath-taking, mesmerizing True 3D. Sims™ and Everquest™ world's render in TRUE, OFF THE SCREEN 3D with characters so lifelike you can practically hear them breathe. Playing your Simulation and Strategy games in 3D is like experiencing a whole new game. You’ll gaze into the monitor and perceive objects to be 10, 20, and 30 feet away!

Why purchase an expansion pack for your favorite title when you can change the way you look at the game with X-Force3D™

You can bring a lifelike 3D experience and transformation to all your games for the low cost of just two PC Games!

With X-Force3D, you’ll find yourself ducking, dodging, and crouching down to get a close-up look at objects and vivid visual details. You’ll stop to smell the roses. You’ll pause to watch a sunset. It’s that close to reality. During battle sequences, you’ll gawk in awe feeling like a god floating above the battlefield.

The Sims™, Age Of Mythology™, Rise of Nations™ ,Command And Conquer™ and other titles are transformed from flat, 2D games to brilliant lifelike worlds with characters who seem to stand up inside your monitor and call you by name. Once you start playing in True 3D, you’ll want to stop using your mouse and control characters by grabbing them with your bare hands. You’ll have to put a post it note on the top of your monitor to remind you THIS GAME IS NOT REAL!

The best description I could give is that it feels like your monitor is like a 12 inch deep box with a glass face. All of your menus and other 2D interfaces are "stuck" on the glass and the world exists in a hologram inside the box. . -Gamereview

If you play any PC games, this is the 3D kit for you.

The Official NVIDIA 3D software included with the X-Force™ 3D Game Glasses instantly and effortlessly turns any dull, flat PC Game IMEDIATELY into mesmerizing and visually stimulating true 3D. It will truly change the way you look at games.

XForce3D™ Gaming Benefits

  • Turns any PC Game 3D with touch of button
  • Completely adjustable 3D viewing preferences
  • Lightweight and comfortable design allows extended use
  • Support any of the popular 3D Stereo modes, Page Flip, Line Blank and Sync Double to be compatible with future 3D technologies (movies, TV, etc)
  • Simple setup: Plug in connector, Install driver, Put on glasses.
  • Compatible with any NVIDIA™ based video card
  • Compatible with any PC game.
  • Ergonomic design allows the user to wear the 3D glasses without any weight on the face
  • Unique flip-style design supports users with or without glasses.
  • User has full control over 3D setting, from off the screen to adjust depth both into and out of the screen
  • Includes Special NVIDIA 3D Image Viewer to transform existing JPEG images into 3D.

XForce3D™ Requirements

  • NVIDIA™ Video Card
  • CRT Monitor (TFT Not supported)
  • Any Windows Operating System

Works On

  • Any PC Game
  • Still Images (software converter included)

Included In Package

    • High performance 3D shutter glasses
    • VGA computer interface cable
    • Instruction manual
    • Stereo 3D image converted (convert any image to 3D)
    • 1 Year Warranty And Toll Free Tech Support!

      Take Your Games To The Next LevelGet X-Force 3D!