Wireless PC 3D Glasses Kit

Wireless PC 3D Glasses Kit
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Take Your Games To A New Dimension With XForce3D

XForce3D™ allows you to immerse yourself in the world of your games like never before – adding breathtaking “off the screen” action to any pc game. Dodge bullets screaming off the screen in first person shooters like Unreal Tournament™ and Quake 3™. Gawk in wonder at characters reaching 2 feet out of your screen on The Sims™, Evequest™, and Warcraft 3™. Peer out the cockpit during a round of MS Flight Simulator 2004™ and gaze thousands of feet below at mesmerizing vistas and lifelike landscapes which make you feel like you are in the game.

With XForce3D™, the flat 2D monitor which separated you from your game is obliterated, and you are catapulted inside your monitor for the ultimate gaming experience.

Enter the world of your games through an experience you’ve never imagined possible. With Virtual Reality technology only used in theme parks, your flat, dull, 2D gaming experience will instantly be transformed into a phenomenally realistic, OFF THE SCREEN adventure leaving you drooling on your keyboard and grinning from ear to ear.

Playing Your Games In 3D Is A Whole Dimension

XForce3D™ hardware works in conjunction with the brains of the kit, the sophisticated NVIDIA™ 3D Stereo drivers which integrate with user’s existing computers. XForce3D™ creates an ultra-realistic 3D experience on any genre of game: First Person Shooters, Sports, Racing, Flight Simulation, Simulation, Action, Adventure. An effortless install, 3D effects which can be turned on or off at any time and any game compatibility create a truly satisfying game experience.

XForce3D™ Gaming creates a more realistic, lifelike and immersive experience by adding true depth to objects within the computer screen.

XForce3D™ Gaming Benefits

  • Turns any PC Game 3D with touch of button
  • Completely adjustable 3D viewing preferences
  • Lightweight and comfortable design allows extended use
  • Support any of the popular 3D Stereo modes, Page Flip, Line Blank and Sync Double to be compatible with future 3D technologies (movies, TV, etc)
  • Simple setup: Plug in connector, Install driver, Put on glasses.
  • Compatible with any NVIDIA™ based video card
  • Compatible with any PC game.
  • Ergonomic design allows the user to wear the 3D glasses without any weight on the face
  • Unique flip-style design supports users with or without glasses.
  • User has full control over 3D setting, from off the screen to adjust depth both into and out of the screen
  • Includes Special NVIDIA 3D Image Viewer to transform existing JPEG images into 3D.

XForce3D™ Requirements

  • NVIDIA™ Video Card
  • CRT Monitor (TFT Not supported)
  • Any Windows Operating System

Works On

  • Any PC Game
  • Still Images (software converter included)

Included In Package

  • High performance 3D shutter glasses
  • VGA computer interface cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Stereo 3D image converted (convert any image to 3D)
  • 1 Year Warranty & Tech Support!